Email Safety

  • Be careful when opening any attachments included in an email as they could be malicious.

    • You should be careful of emails from people you know. Their email may have been compromised and could contain malicious content to manipulate you.

    • Pay close attention to emails that appear to be from CoinDealer but are in fact slightly different in spelling. Example:,,, etc. Notice the slight difference in the names, dot com rather than dot io, CoinDealer with a lowercase ‘ L ‘ in place of the ‘ i ‘. CoinDealer spelled with an ‘ M ‘

    • Copy/paste links you receive in email rather than clicking on them. An attacker will have a hidden link or redirect even though it shows as ‘'

    • Watch out for emails saying an individual has sent you money, when in fact the links in the message will open a payment window. If you aren’t careful it’s easy to send money from your account to these phishing scams.

Email Safety

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